Central Plaza is also very well suited to closed office partitioning. AN example space plan IS included in the technical booklet.


The spacious offices of Rotterdam Central Plaza that are for rent are ideally suited for open space partitioning. The interior climate meets the prescribed requirements, while still having 20% spare capacity for air and electricity in order to locally accommodate additional density, for example for meeting rooms. The modular 1,200 m2 or 2,400 m2 floor plates are  perfectly suitable for The New Way of Working.



Cromwell Property Group is committed to sustainable development of office space. To reduce its environmental impact, the Group works to reduce its CO2 emissions and energy consumption and make more efficient use of resources. This Group-wide vision was translated to the Rotterdam Central Plaza offices by the ambition to achieve an energy label A post-renovation.

Cromwell Property Group’s commitment to environmental, economic and social sustainability has been recognised with listings in major global indexes such as the FTSE4Good and DJSI (World and Europe). Cromwell Property Group is a signatory of the UN Global Compact.

One of the main goals of the renovation of Rotterdam Central Plaza was to deliver a sustainable building offering the following benefits, among other things, to users:


01 – Extra insulation: improved insulation of the roofing and façades greatly contributes to lowering energy consumption of the office.

02 – Heat regeneration: the air-conditioning boxes are fitted with a heat regeneration system, using exhaust air to pre-heat/pre-cool the incoming fresh air.

03 – Presence detection: the lighting fixtures are energy-efficient, daylight-dependent and have motion sensors for turning off.

04 – Remote controls: presence detection combined with remote controls for lighting, heating and cooling ensure substantial energy savings.

05 – Air conditioning: air conditioning is provided through a four-pipe induction unit system. The set-point temperature is 21°C and varies in winter and summer. The temperature is also higher or lower when a room is occupied.

06 – Natural light: transparent lift doors allow natural light to enter, lowering the need for artificial lighting in the reception hall.

07 – Motion detection: motion-detection sensors in the water taps in the sanitary blocks allow water savings.

08 – Building Management System: climate control and lighting can be monitored and controlled centrally through the Building Management System. This enables optimal tuning of the climate system of each floor based on the specific usage and space planning, limiting energy consumption to a minimum.

09 – New lifts: a full renovation of the lift systems ensures energy, and hence cost, savings, in addition to increasing user comfort.

010 – New cooling machines: new energy-efficient cooling machines bring energy, and hence cost, savings for both existing and new users of the office building.

011 – Excellent location: last but not least, the location opposite Rotterdam Central Station guarantees an exceptionally small carbon footprint for the companies residing in Central Plaza, by offering excellent accessibility by public transportation to employees.



Central Plaza Rotterdam was designed in 1992 by architect W. Th. Ellerman and partly redesigned in 2011 by architect Group A. It is a multi-functional complex comprising mainly office space, but also an underground car park, a retail gallery and a residential tower. The office space is comprised of office accommodation and archives. The car park is located under the office building and is directly reachable by lift (parking norm roughly 1:70). The retail gallery is located on the ground floor of the office building. The residential tower is located behind the office building.


Central Plaza consists of approximately 16,000 m2 office space, of which one independent building of 12,000 m², 800 m2 archive space. The Central Plaza parking garage has been renovated 2020. For up-to-date information on availability for letting purposes, please contact us.


The office floors can be partitioned in an efficient manner, in order to reduce the number of m2 necessary per workplace. Both open and closed partitioning can be easily realised, thanks to the modular layout of the floors. For organisations favouring large floor plates, two floors of 1,200 m2 can be connected for a large floor plate of roughly 2,400 m2. The systems are engineered with a spare capacity of 20% in order to provide higher air volumes locally to facilitate meeting rooms.


If you are interested in finding out more about renting the offices of Central Plaza and the possibilities it offers for your organisation, we can provide you with tailor-made advice on space planning possibilities. This personalised advice will make clear to you how much office space you need and how this can be fitted out in order to optimally support your organisation. Please contact us for further details. For standard space planning possibilities, please see the Technical Booklet.




The Central Plaza car park covers two floors and has a total capacity of 487 vehicles. The car park is accessible to tenants of the office building as well as to their visitors and the general public, through the entrance at the rear of the building, on Kruisstraat. The office floors are directly accessible from the car park, through two lifts for each of the two office towers.

The car park has been fully renovated in 2020 for increased visitor comfort. A new parking system has been installed, as well as extra charge points for electric cars. Tenants of Central Plaza can benefit from contracting spaces for their employees and can also purchase exit cards for their visitors.